Why Write Newsletters?

One way to make sure you understand something is to write about it.

Hey there!

As you know, I am writing a newsletter. I launched it last week and I plan to grow it over time. I came up with the idea of writing a bulletin for three reasons.

  1. Because I am currently in the process of enrolling back in seminary and I would like to brush up on my writing.

  2. Because social media is too short, noisy, and fast. You see one post you like and the next minute it’s buried under a rubble of memes and rants. Ideas are truncated. Nuance is dead. We need something better.

  3. Because the way to make sure you understand something is when you write about it. I want to understand. That’s why I write. And I hope my writing benefits you too.

So here’s the plan. My newsletter will be a free flow of ideas coming from a pastor who is interested in theology, practical ministry, seminary stuff, culture, books, and writing. Some personal stuff might get thrown in along the way but main content will revolve around these things.

Stay tuned. And if you think this is something you can dig, feel free to signup.